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Using the Water You’ve Collected in Rain Barrels

If you have rain barrels, what is the best way to use the water captured in them?  With the monsoons upon us (yay!), it’s time to deal with water captured in rain barrels. There are two major uses for Canale Catchers®: diverting water away from a problem area where water from canales collects, such as […]

Connecting to a Downspout

Canale Catcher Blog, January 2020 Face it, for a Canale Catcher to work well, it needs to be connected to a downspout. I have a confession to make: I hate working with downspouts, or at least I used to.  They’re a hassle to join together, and it took me all kinds of effort, occasional cuts, […]

Spring is here

This isn’t going to be about Canale Catchers®, but about other stuff that’s related. When was the last time you were up on your roof? Not peering across it, but actually on top of it, looking around. If it’s been more than a year, it’s time to get up there and take a good look […]