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This is not the standard installation method for a Canale Catcher®.  This canale drained onto the walkway to the front door.  Directing the water to a rain barrel was not practical because the rain barrel would sit on the walkway.  There was not adequate distance to use downspout to direct the water elsewhere, and it was felt that putting downspouts and elbows on the nearby wall would be unsightly.  The Canale Catcher® was turned around, the tabs were bent back to the canale, and a downspout extension was added to direct the water over the walkway and to nearby trees.  The Canale Catcher® was painted to match the trim.

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This installation involved a total of four canales between a shed and garage.  Moisture was building up between the garage and shed after rain.  There wasn’t enough drainage to warrant individual rain barrels, and individual downspouts to another area seemed like a lot of trouble.  The canales from the garage were combined, as were the canales from the shed, and all four were led to a large trash bin converted to a rain barrel.  The drain line has a valve, but the overflow does not.  There is an additional overflow on the rear of the rain barrel that is not shown in the photo.  The water lines go to a new tree planting location

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These canales drain a second floor roof. Rather than multiple downspouts, they used a gutter that led the drainage to a single downspout at the corner of the home. No elbow was used, just a straight piece of downspout, which can vary in length for the amount of fall the gutter has. The Canale Catchers®, downspouts, and gutters were all painted to match the stucco.

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Here is an example of a flexible elbow, which could be used instead of modifying the end of the Canale Catcher® or metal elbow in cases where your canale is longer or shorter than normal.

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This customer installed several Canale Catchers® and painted them and the downspouts to match his stucco.  This is a beautiful example of what you can do with Canale Catchers® and downspouts.

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What should you do if your canales are over an open area such as a porch or window?  You can route the downspouts to a post and run them down the post to a rain barrel.

If you have a unique installation and would like to share your solution(s)  please drop us a line and we’ll add your installation to our site.