A rain barrel by itself …

…a rain barrel with a Canale Catcher®

Which would you rather have?

Canale Catchers® can help with your canale problems.  They fit on to the end of a canale, allowing you to channel water to a downspout, and then into a rain barrel or cistern or to an area of your garden.  Even in wind, you will still send the water where you want it.

Downspouts are sold separately.  Canale Catchers® are easy to install, so check out our installation videos.  We do offer installer information on our installer page.

Check out our latest customer installation example in our customer gallery.

If you have a nonstandard installation of your Canale Catcher®, we would love to hear about it.  Please send us photos and we’ll post them on our Gallery page.  We love to hear about your Canale Catcher experience®.  If you have comments  or questions, please email us.

Questions on measuring or installation? Wondering if you can use your Canale Catcher® in winter?  Check out our FAQs page!

Canale Catchers® is now a member of the Santa Fe Green Chamber of Commerce. Using a Canale Catcher® can help you save water.

Check out our new Installers page!  We now list licensed contractors who can help you install your Canale Catcher®.