About Canale Catchers®

Canale Catchers® are a patented rainwater diversion device.  They were invented by a homeowner who needed to divert rainwater that was splashing onto patios and staining posts and stucco.  Canale Catchers® are a great solution to this type of problem.  They also aid in rainwater harvesting.

Canale Catchers® easily attach to your canale (or drain spout leading from a flat roof).  They allow you to divert water to a rain barrel, saving it for later use, or keep it from damaging patios, walls, or other areas.

You do not need to modify your canale to attach a Canale Catcher®.   No special tools are required for installation–you only need a screwdriver.  Your Canale Catcher® comes with all necessary hardware.  Please see Installation Instructions page for specific information on installation.

Canale Catchers® come in both galvanized steel and copper.  They are available in several sizes.  Please see Measuring Instructions to determine if existing sizes will fit your canales.  If they won’t, please contact us.   Customization may be possible.

We now have 3-d models available.  In order to view them in 3-d and manipulate the images, you will need to download one of the images below, open it in Adobe Acrobat, and enable the 3-D image viewing.

3-d Model of 6-inch Canale Catcher

3-d Model of 8-inch Canale Catcher

3-d Model of 11-inch Canale Catcher

Canale Catchers® are made in New Mexico, U.S.A.

U.S. Patent: 10,161,134