What happens when they freeze?

We have tested Canale Catchers® through the winter, and intentionally froze one solid to gauge the effects before we started selling them.  Additional water overflowed the Canale Catcher®, and icicles formed, similar to what happened before installing the Canale Catcher®.  When the weather warmed up, the ice in the Canale Catcher® thawed, and it worked as before. No deformation or damage was noted to the Canale Catcher®, downspout, or canale.

What about high flows when it rains heavily?

Water can overflow the Canale Catcher® opening during heavy rainfall events.  These events are usually rare, and the amount of flow through an individual canale is dependent on the roof shape and slope.  It is impractical to design a catchment that will capture all potential flows.  When water does overshoot the Canale Catcher® it will flow to the same area it did prior to installing the Canale Catcher®.  Systems that cut into the canale require a dam downstream of the opening, and this dam will back water onto your roof, something we think should be avoided.

Do you install them?

No, but we do offer a list of licensed contractors on our Installers page.  If you’re a licensed contractor and would like to be included on our site as an installer, please contact us.  We do not charge for the listing; we offer it as a service to our customers.

Can I attach a rain chain to a Canale Catcher®?

You can.  The rain chain would need to be attached to an elbow that drains downwards.  If the rain chain collects ice in the winter it may dislodge the elbow.  The rain chain would be close to the wall, and may result in damage in the long term.  If an elbow is not used, water would exit the Canale Catcher® and splash against the wall, something we don’t advise.

Can they clog with leaves?

They could.  If leaves, pine needles, or other debris are a concern, we advise attaching a small piece of screen over the opening.  This can be attached to the Canale Catcher® with a few dabs of silicone or other suitable caulk.  If the Canale Catcher® was to clog, water would overflow the Canale Catcher® and flow to the same area it did prior to installing the Canale Catcher®.

Can they leak?

The back of the Canale Catcher® can drip, especially during high water flows.  We don’t view this as a major issue, since it’s probably already raining, and the area around the Canale Catcher® will already be getting wet.  If this is a concern for you, using a small amount of caulking will seal the seam.

Can they be painted?

Yes, any paint suitable for galvanized steel can be used.  Please see our Customer Gallery page for examples of painted Canale Catchers®.

What about copper canale catchers?

We keep galvanized steel Canale Catchers® in stock. Copper Canale Catchers® are special order, although we often have one or two 11-inch copper ones in stock. We are happy to special order them for you; please contact us about ordering copper Canale Catchers.

 Can I get other sizes?

We currently only manufacture 6”, 8”, and 11” Canale Catchers®.  We don’t have plans to manufacture other sizes, although we do get occasional requests for 10” Canale Catchers®.  If your canale width is 9” we can rebend the tabs, this has worked well for a number of customers.  If your canale is 10”, an 11” Canale Catcher® may work, although it will stick out on both sides of the canale.   In both these cases, the Canale Catcher® will catch the water since the sides of the canale are within the edge of the Canale Catcher®. It’s up to you and the aesthetics of your installation.

How do I measure for them?

Please see our Measuring page for a video as well as written instructions.

Do they come with a guarantee?

Canale Catchers® come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.  Please contact us if you have any problems with them.